A Congregation of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Salt Lake City

Since December 2007, we have sponsored a live, call-in television program on KTMW TV-20 in Salt Lake City.  It airs Wednesday nights 8:00 - 9:00 PM and is usually hosted by Pastor Wallace.  Shows have included biblical instruction, as well as interviews with people from across the religious spectrum.  The hope has been to bring the light of God's Word to bear on the ideas of men and to point them to Jesus.  Guests have included an instructor at the LDS Institute of Religion, the President of the Atheists of Utah, a lesbian pastor of a Unitarian-Universalist Church, a street preacher, and the co-directors of Affirmation, a group calling for homosexual acceptance in the LDS church, just to name a few. 

Between over-the-air, cable, and satellite broadcasts, over 2 million people can watch live, and we post past episodes online.  They can be seen at or on the YouTube ancientpathstv.